5 Animal Print Bedroom Ideas

A bedroom is an artwork of the owner. You are what your bedroom. From the color, the chosen of furniture, accessories, even the position of each furniture in bedroom describes you. No exception for someone who loves to near with nature and wildlife. For you who like that, try this five animal print bedroom ideas includes cheetah print bedroom sets.

Design Your Bedroom with Animal Print Bedroom Ideas

In this article, we will tell you the animal print bedroom ideas. From the color arrangements, animal prints for the accessories include leopard print bedrooms accessories, for furniture, a bold statement in your bedspread, and the position of the bed and furniture for the animal print bedroom ideas. Here are the explanations about the ideas below.

  1. Colour Arrangements

This is the first thing before applying the animal print bedroom ideas is see the matching color. If you want a classic and bold animal print bedroom ideas, then you can use white, black, and brown color to predominant your bedroom. If you want a fresh and cozy style with animal print bedroom ideas, you can put blue, broke white, cream color in your bedroom, of course, aligned with the animal print ideas itself.

  1. Animal Print for Furniture

One of the ideas of animal print bedroom ideas is decorating your furniture with animal print. You can choose the zebra or cheetah print for your chair. It will bring more elegance to your bedroom. Besides of that, along with the animal print rug, the table could combine with an animal print tablecloth to release the sense of the wild nature in the bedroom. The inner lamp of the bedroom can also be changed with the animal print pattern.

  1. Animal Print for Accessories

There are so much animal print ideas for accessories, especially for your bedroom. You may want to use leopard print curtain which is the part of leopard print bedroom accessories. The grey color will match the grey color of bedcover. Along with the zebra print for the vase, the fusion of this animal print ideas will bring the new style, for the urban and modern style of bedroom.

  1. Put the Bold Statement

The best place to put the bold statement is in your bedspread. Although we can say it is just can be seen by few of people, but it can add the real affirmation to show that you use the animal print ideas in your bedroom. Don’t forget to use the solid color to strengthening the bold statement.

  1. Position of The Furniture and Accessories

If the color of your bed and your curtain is same, with one of them use the animal print ideas, you should make them stay by the side to see the harmony of the pattern and the color. Other than that, if your bedroom is small, you can manage the space of bed, wardrobe, table, and chair, with using the rug under the furniture. It will give aesthetic and effective in one way.

With this animal print bedroom ideas article, we hope you can see the ideas or illustration on how to combine the animal print in your bedroom. It is can also be applied to animal print decor for a living room. Good luck.

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