Create The Japanese Garden Design At Your Home

Japanese Garden is one of the most popular garden designs in the world including in Indonesia. The Japanese garden design applies to minimalist home. Creating the garden like this style needs the professional worker and also the budget. You have to make a plan or a concept which is the things or material should or shouldn’t to install in there. Having the garden at home gives the positive side for people who see or visit your home. The family will feel comfortable, relax and fresh every time.

The home garden is usually placing in the front or the beside. If you have children, it suggested for you to make the save garden with no spiny plants that can endanger your child. Besides that, it also important to consider the large or small space there. For those of you who are interested in creating a minimalist home Japanese garden here the tips on how to create a Japanese garden design.

How To Create A Japanese Garden Design For Minimalist Home

Besides you have to consider the budget that you have, you also should know the material needed. The Japanese garden design elements consist of the water, plant, wood, and rock; it also can add some fish there. Here the tips for choosing each element.

  1. Plant

The first thing to consider in making the Japanese garden is from the plants. To choose the good plants for this garden type, you should choose plants with small sizes and haven’t flowered. The priority for Japanese plants list is such as bamboo, bonsai, and other simple plants. The green leaves from the plants will make your home fresh and gives the beautiful looks.

  1. Water Elements

The second’s elements for Japanese garden design is water. Make a small fish pond and complete it with a small waterfall. Express your creativity here; you also can adding the wooden bridges over the pond to make it more beautiful. For the fish, it’s recommended for adding the fish with various color.

  1. Wood Elements

The wood is also very dominant in this one Japanese garden concept. With the wood, the element will enhance the natural impression and elegant. The wood element usually found in the fence, gazebo, or in a shower that uses bamboo. It also interesting used the wood for flooring material beside the home page.

  1. Rock Elements

Natural stones include things that must exist in the Japanese garden style, and it is quite commonly used in various types or concepts of the existing garden today. Choose the stones with a flat shape and wide sizes. It has the function of the footpath; it might be necessary to add a small stone around the pond.

These all the tips for Japanese garden design that can you apply at all. It better if you have more and more creativity in applying there. But, don’t forget doing the activities to keep your garden from damage. Such as ensuring the water source, feeding the fish and watering the plants.