How To Make The Creative Gourd Lamp By Yourself

The calabash gourd is one of the unique plants with various shapes. Besides it has the delicious taste when cooked, the dry gourd also has the function to make a lamp for decorations indoor or outdoor. Why we need the dry gourd for the gourd lamp? Because the dried gourd has the woody texture and easy to cut out using knife or cutter. The dried gourd also longlasting although it is putting off in an airy place.

Before you make the handmade gourd lamp, you have to complete all tools needed. There are consists of dry gourd, pencil, the small lamps for light, and the drill tools or pumpkin carving saw. Choose the dry gourd with various shape and size. It will result in the great view. Now, you can start to make it, just follow the steps below and express your mind.

The DIY Creative Gourd Lamp

  1. Get the dry gourd and cleaning up

You can buy the clean gourd in the market, but to save the money, it can be an alternative to cleaning it by yourself. Wash them by soaking in cold water at least 10 minutes, then using the sponge to remove dirt and ground. If the grime can’t be removed, let the gourd soak longer.

  1. Cutting out the bottom

By using a pencil, draw a circle of about 6 inches around the bottom part of the gourd. Then, cut off according to the draw using a knife. Don’t forget to do it in the outdoor area and wearing a surgical mask to avoid the dust.

  1. Remove the inside

Some gourds have lots of dried pulp, but there’s a gourd has a little pulp. Remove all the seeds and dried pulp inside the gourd using a large spoon. You can watch the gourd art tutorial in search machine on your smartphone.

  1. Draw a design you want

Express your ideas through drawing the design based on your desire using a pencil. Such as the holes with various sizes, etc. See the gourd lamp patterns in youtube to inspire you. The design has the function to be a guideline when cutting off. It also easy to erase later if it is unuse.

  1. Cut off the design

Cut off your plan using the drill tools or the carving saw. Follow your patterns that already draw. Be careful when using it, keep your hands from the bit because it might be can make your hand injury.

  1. Erase the gourd lamp design and finish the gourd

After you drill out all the lines, erase the guidelines and discard the remaining pulps. Then, clean up the gourd lamp use the soft cloth and mineral oil. Through this way, the gourd will make more shine.

  1. Finish your lamp

Install the small lamp or light inside the gourd and put them in the outdoor area. To make easier, use the LED lanterns. Your gourd lamp is finished. This lamp also appropriate to decorate for Christmas or outdoor party.

These all the steps for how to make the gourd lamp by self. For more colorful decorations, you can use the small color lamps or paint the gourd lamp at desire. For the special moment,  you have to present the beautiful looks and make your guests excited.

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